Sydney and her cat Twig

I’m Sydney!  I’ve been working as a multi-disciplinary designer for over a decade, with experience spanning UX/UI, Digital, and Visual disciplines.

My approach to design has always been rooted in cross-functional methods. I am an enthustic generalist—doing one singular thing bores me! I find the joy and satisfaction of being a designer lies in deciphering how best to use an entire arsenol of creative skills to solve complex problem.

I’ve worked with many companies with missions for good including TED, Steven & Alexandra Cohen Foundation, Scholastic, The Luupe, Maven Clinic, Perka and more. 

I’m equally passionate about making design accessible and is an active entrepreneur in the design education space. I’ve co-founded design education platform Path Unbound, where I contributes to the overall vision of the product and student learning experience. In 2016, I co-founded online mentorship platform RookieUp, acting as Founding Product Designer and overseeing and executing all product and brand design at that time.

I previously led design education at Shillington New York from 2017-2022, as well as actively mentor junior and aspiring designers.

I was named GDUSA's Design Educator to Watch 2021 and sat on the Indigo Design Awards Judging Panel in 2021 and 2022.